Nadya Okamoto was a first-time candidate for Cambridge City Council in 2017. While she was not elected, Team #VoteNadya made historic waves in student and youth turnout -- she ran as a 19-year-old student attending Harvard College. To follow what Nadya is up to now (Founder of PERIOD), follow @nadyaokamoto on social media.

We are in the final stretch of the campaign trail with less than four weeks until Election Day on November 7th. We hope that you will join our movement for more representative democracy and progressive values focused on preserving economic diversity in Cambridge by giving Nadya your #1 vote!
Nadya is committed to Cambridge for very personal and unique reasons -- Cambridge was a safe home for her even in times when she wasn't sure what that meant, or if she had a home of her own. She is now running for Cambridge City Council on a platform focused on housing affordability, education equity, and progress towards more sustainable living!

Even in times when I wasn’t sure what “home” meant, Cambridge was a safe place my family would return to that felt like home. I am running to protect Cambridge as a home for all residents — regardless of their race, religion, age, or socioeconomic status. 

Nadya is running with an overall goal to preserve economic diversity here in Cambridge -- but first and foremost, because she LOVES Cambridge. Cambridge has always had a special place in her heart for many unique and moving reasons. Now, she is fighting to protect home for all residents, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status.

Nadya is running to preserve economic diversity. She will also be a force to bring more accountability and transparency to City Council, constantly working to engage the input of constituents and keep residents updated on what their representatives are working on. 

One of the things that makes me very unique from all other candidates is my fundamental connection with the local universities and student body here in Cambridge, and my hope to push forward more community-minded university relations.
In talking to thousands of residents across Cambridge over the last few months, Nadya has heard these three concerns the most, and will fight for solutions if elected: (1) housing affordability; (2) public safety; and (3) civic engagement.

Cambridge is a worldly city with people come here from all over the world to learn, innovate, and set new precedents. Nadya hopes to promote diversity here in Cambridge by making our inclusivity more visible and having public celebrations to celebrate our vibrant community.

Here are Nadya's responses from this year's Green Cambridge Candidates Forum. Nadya is a supporter of more protected bike lanes where appropriate, and an advocate for exploring pedestrian streets as well.

Hear Nadya's moving statement on why access to arts matter. For Nadya, arts are a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery, and progress (even in politics). Dance, music, writing, and visual arts have played a significant role in her family's resilience. 

Check out the full reel of Nadya's answers during the A Better Cambridge Candidate's Forum on September 19th. Housing affordability is Nadya's top priority. Nadya hopes to push forward progressive policy actions that do not only create more affordable units but also cultivate affordable neighborhoods.

Nadya is committed to not accepting any special interest or development dollars because there should be no question about WHO she is serving: the constituents of Cambridge.

This video is meant to be an insight into who Nadya is as a person. Watch this for a look into the passionate, enthusiastic, resilient and dedicated human that she is -- and to hear more about her work starting and her upcoming book. 

Here are Nadya's highlights from the Ward 6 Democrats Forum last month for City Council candidates! In this video, you will hear Nadya's ideas on some of her top priorities (including, but not limited to): (1) Preserving economic diversity; (2) Safer streets for all residents; and (3) A more dedicated and transparent Cambridge City Council.

Nadya supports more bicyclist and pedestrian safety, and more transparent planning processes for residents to know what changes to expect in our city. Nadya supports more protected bike lanes, where appropriate, and safer streets for constituents of all ages (which includes more benches along streets for senior citizens to walk more).

Growing up, Cambridge was a home even in times when Nadya didn't feel like she had one - and she is going to fight to protect Cambridge as home for ALL residents, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status.

Nadya's three short-term goals as a candidate for Cambridge City Council are to strengthen civic engagement, fight for public safety especially on our streets, and community-minded plans for the Volpe development at MIT. Her three long-term goals are around housing affordability, education equity, and climate change preparedness.

Watch this to hear about what Nadya believes sets her apart from the 25 other candidates running for Cambridge City Council. She is unlike any other candidate the city has ever seen before, these are just a few reasons why.

Nadya's campaign for Cambridge City Council is powered by the passion, voices, and efforts of a strong ground game. Come volunteer with us!

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us for the campaign kickoff! Check out our recap video here.