Newsletter #1

On behalf of my campaign team, I graciously thank you for your support and interest in learning more and staying updated. I am running for Cambridge City Council because I believe that I bring forth a new perspective, passion, and energy, all of which are needed to push forward progress on issues that Cambridge continues to face.

Our emails to you wil not simply be updates on our campaign, but a deeper look into the issues and solutions that I care about, that I believe truly deserve the City Council's attention. We want to keep everyone informed and updated as we maneuver through the campaign trail. We believe that transparency and listening to constituents will enable us to best serve the needs of our community. Open communication also helps keep us accountable. 

We hope our newsletters will be informative, facilitate conversation, and provoke action to better the community. Especially in today's political climate and time of national uncertainty, we believe it is more important than ever to unite people at a local level.

This past week, I released the first full look into my policy platform, which can be found at here. Our platform addresses human rights, equitable access to education, housing affordability, university relations, environmental sustainability, and government accountability.

Our campaign team has been working hard to craft and prepare a plan that stresses civic engagement and youth empowerment, and we welcome anyone interested to get involved! We are ready to hit the campaign trail and we hope you join us, please explore our website to get involved and make a contribution.

Thank you so much,