Newsletter #2

One of the many reasons that this city is unique is that it is home to not just one university, but five. As a result, the universities play a large role in influencing the rest of the city. The housing issues in Cambridge stem partially from the universities bringing in so many new residents, and the continued development of real estate contributes to perpetuating the wealth inequality and gentrification here in Cambridge. I hope to explore how university relations can play a part in affecting positive change around the housing crisis we face today. I am especially committed to housing in Cambridge because it is a widespread issue and I have personally experienced housing instability in the past.

I am committed to

  • Communicating with residents and developers to assess the status and impact of the recent increase for inclusionary zoning, with hopes of enforcing the 20% regulation 

  • Pushing universities to house more graduate students to decrease competition for affordable housing 

  • Advocating for both low-income AND middle-income housing 

Please feel free to reach out with any comments, feedback, or ideas.


Cambridge Constituents

Cambridge Constituents is a photography campaign that aims to share the voices and input of our constituents, which are directly informing the development of my policy platform. This campaign is about amplifying the voices of constituents in order to craft potential solutions and actions. With each story told, we will reflect, research, and respond. By listening directly to our residents, we can improve legislation and the community as a whole.

“These communities are often not interacting with one another (if at all), and as a result the issues of the latter group (those in poverty or close to it) are not prioritized (if even taken into account) by those who are pushing changes and policy (typically upper-middle class/or higher class parents, particularly in the sphere of rindge and public schools in Cambridge)”-Julian Cohen (CRLS Graduate '16)

My Response

I understand that students increase the competition for affordable housing. Therefore, I aim to push the universities to house more graduate students so they do not increase the competition for Cambridge families looking into affordable housing. As a university student, I am in the unique position to collaborate with institutions to find the most adequate solution for all.

Because income inequality exists in dramatic disparities, Cambridge’s middle class is shrinking and poverty is increasing, while affordable housing is becoming harder to get. I realize that affordable housing has not only affected low-income families but also those who are above that income threshold and are being pushed out. As new luxury housing is developed and inclusionary zoning is increased, middle-income housing is decreasing. I will be an advocate for both low and middle-income housing to ensure that all types of residents are represented on the council.