Newsletter #6

Sustainable Living and Environment

Safe Streets and Sustainable Forms of Transportation

Being a historic, college town with narrow streets, Cambridge has a tremendous amount of bikers. I support investing in safer streets for those who ride bikes by adding more designated lanes and speed bumps where appropriate. This goal also applies to making the streets safer for those who walk, use strollers, and take advantage of public transportation. 

Improving Waste Management

I am devoted to improving our waste management programs. In response to the composting pilot study, I would like to propose making exceptions for small-volume waste producers by treating them like households, creating more waste drop-off centers, and consolidating the varying methods different waste producers take.

Our Parks and Overall Access to Nature

I am committed to maintaining our local parks to invite play and exploration. I have already begun reaching out to representatives and strategists at Parks and Recreation departments in Cambridge and other cities to learn from them and brainstorm innovative ways to encourage people to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. Public parks build community and provide people with places to collaborate, interact, and engage with one another.

Cambridge City Dance Party