Newsletter #7

Thank You to Our Amazing Interns and Volunteers!

We have knocked on over 5,000 doors and that momentum was made possible by our amazing summer interns and volunteer base. My campaign pushes forward a precedent on the civic engagement of young people and grassroots strategies. We welcome anyone interested in getting involved, so please feel free to reach out


University students increase the competition for affordable housing, creating difficulties for many Cambridge families. I plan to form a taskforce composed of representatives from the universities, the City Council, and the Community Development Department to increase the amount of university affiliated housing available for graduate students.


We have more than 46,490 students in Cambridge, some of whom are attending some of the most well-endowed educational institutions in our world. Furthermore, 32% of Cambridge residents are under 25 years-old. Students in Cambridge are excelling in a multitude of disciplines, engaging in meaningful service, and doing cutting-edge research, all of which can be contributed to bettering our community.

The institutions have the resources to work with urban planning and policy but lack the encouragement and incentive to invest back into their local community. I hope to bridge the divide that exists between the government, community, and universities to pave the way for innovations that benefit us all.

Civic Engagement

As a passionate advocate for youth voice and a student at Harvard College, I can increase involvement in existing service activities and facilitate new collaborations between the institutions and the local community, engaging the leadership and efforts of young people.

I see a need to invest in efforts for community development, especially when it comes to creating opportunities for Cambridge youth. I aim to expand existing mentorship, tutoring, and afterschool programs offered by the universities in Cambridge. 

Students will genuinely care about community issues, especially around new developments involving Harvard and Kendall Square. Students uniting has made a difference, as seen in the past year's HUDS strike, and has shown that students can really help push forward progress.