Newsletter #8

Human Rights

LGBTQ+ Community

I strongly support pride within the community because all people should feel powerful, confident, and accepted in our community. I will protect transgender students by pushing for more gender-inclusive bathrooms and spaces and prevent discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ community through educational programs.

Gender Equality

Instead of reinventing a Cambridge-specific project, I will implement and improve existing programs that fight for gender equity, especially in the workplace. Cambridge has created the “Early Adopters of Equal Pay Initiative,” in which local businesses are agreeing to fair and equal pay for all of their employees. I aim to increase awareness of this initiative by reaching out to more companies in Cambridge to be in compliance with the state law. Through strengthening private-public initiatives, I want to help eliminate the gender wage gap and remove barriers to women’s advancement.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

As a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, Nadya is passionate about addressing the issue. Though over 10 million individuals affected each year, it is an issue often hides in the shadows of private life. I support the work of the Cambridge Women’s Center and hope to collaborate in the future. I also aim to provide emergency shelter beds for domestic violence survivors and introduce free sexual violence education in more schools and youth settings. 

Domestic violence and sexual assault are issues that affect all gender identities and I will fight towards combating these forms of abuse from all angles. By putting together task forces of different entities (local NGOs, government agencies, representatives from The Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Prevention Initiative), we can improve our approach on a case-by-case basis and address the issue for all Cantabrigians.


Intern Spotlight

Sara Wang is one of our outstanding Interns from abroad. Even though she is not living in Cambridge, she believes in the positive impact Nadya will have on Cambridge and the necessity for young people to work together in local politics. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.25.14 PM.png

I'm Sara Wang and I grew up in Chino Hills, California! I'm also known for having an affinity for public speaking, politics, and caramel frappes. You'll probably catch me in congressional or parliamentary debate, taking Polaroid pictures, or just relaxing at the beach!

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