Protecting Economic Diversity in Cambridge


The biggest problem facing Cambridge today is the threat upon the economic diversity of residents. In the upcoming term, the elected city councilors will have the responsibility of ensuring that this is a livable and enjoyable city for all residents, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

With fast-pace growth in population especially of high-income individuals, our density is quickly increasing, and we need to ensure that we not only have the infrastructure to support that growth, but also the systems in place to support our middle-class families. We need to support and build mixed-income housing options, ensure high-quality educational opportunities, support owner-operated businesses and safe streets for pedestrians and bikers, and improve our public transportation system to support more foot traffic.

Protecting economic diversity in Cambridge needs to come from the mindset of not only building more affordable housing, but cultivating affordable and thriving neighborhoods. The goal of the City Council should be improving the quality of life for all constituents, regardless of their identity, socioeconomic status, where they are from, or how long they have been here. If it’s their home, we will welcome and protect them.

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