government accountability

“Nadya believes that every piece of her platform is not only a commitment but also a promise to Cambridge residents; that is why Nadya will provide up-to-date information that is concise and easy to understand. She also views one of the biggest sources of controversy in any form of politics as miscommunication and lack of transparency between elected officials and constituents. Nadya aims for open communication and professionalization on the council, always remembering her purpose and #1 priority as listening to the people and serving them to the best of her abilities. As Councillor, Nadya will work diligently from the day elected to her final day. The issues Cambridge faces may have irreversible detriment if action is not taken now. Nadya believes in putting her best foot forward in every life endeavor and hopes to motivate the community as a whole to help work towards Cambridge’s progress.”

-Claira Janover, Campaign Director


transparency and real-time updates

I am committed to making this campaign and my service on City Council honest and transparent. Through speaking with many residents, especially students, I have learned that the community is very much interested in knowing more about what the city councillors exactly do. Furthermore, many feel that there is currently a lack of access to information. I am curious about finding more engaging ways to keep Cambridge residents up-to-date about my work on the Council. Through the power of social media, my campaign website, and the addition of multimedia content, I will find ways to engage residents to be more involved with local politics and community development initiatives.


access to data and information

I not only want to help ensure that Cambridge residents know what is happening with their City Council, but also why and how results are occurring. I want to provide Cambridge residents with access to the data, process, and story behind each decision. In addition to the Open Meeting Portal and Open Data Project, I am committed to working with other members to create systems and updates that are comprehensive but also easy to comprehend. Sharing the data with residents on popular forms of social media will encourage greater participation in local government.


open-communication with Nadya

I will act as a megaphone for Cambridge residents on a local level and beyond. I am committed to hearing your ideas and feedback, and truly reflecting on that input to authentically represent you. From here until election, I want to hear from you and meet with you. All correspondence sent to our campaign will be read and responded to with comprehensive follow-up. Our campaign aims to hold bi-monthly events to meet with other Cambridge residents to talk about ideas and progress in our local community. Beyond these events, we plan to be openly accessible through social media. We want to welcome your input at any time and want to have your concerns noted and addressed.