Human rights

“Nadya has witnessed firsthand the struggles that Women– specifically homeless women–face on a day-to-day basis. She has experienced the struggle of living without a home, and despite this period of adversity, she utilized her position to listen to and understand the women around her. This led her to establish PERIOD and dedicate herself to advocating for these people. Nadya will continue to listen to and understand the people of Cambridge in order to fight for the rights of all people– immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, racial minorities, and other marginalized groups– who play a monumental role in Cambridge and deserve representation and support. Nadya is dedicated to both strengthening current resources that attend to these communities and ensuring that they are accessible to everyone. Nadya is, above all, dedicated to representing the needs of those that would otherwise be unrepresented. She has proven to have the ability to relate to and advocate for people in need, and she plans on continuing to prove this to the people of Cambridge.”

-Eric Cheng, Field Director


LGBTQ+ Community

Pride within the community is something I strongly support. The LGBTQ+ Commision has done a wonderful job of creating a welcoming community and I hope to further enlarge the impact they have made. I support continuing to protect transgender students by pushing for more gender-inclusive bathrooms and spaces. As councillor, I will work towards preventing discrimination for the LGBTQ+ community. Through educational programs, I hope to empower youth and prevent the lack of self-confidence. It is very important to myself and my team, that all people feel powerful, confident, and accepted by Cambridge.


gender equality

Last year, Massachusetts passed a pay equity law that will go into effect in 2018. Instead of reinventing a Cambridge-specific project, I will implement and improve existing programs that fight for gender equity, especially in the workplace. To prepare for implementation, Cambridge has created the “Early Adopters of Equal Pay Initiative,” in which local businesses are agreeing to fair and equal pay for all of their employees. I aim to increase awareness of this initiative, as well as the greater Boston area’s “100% Talent Compact," by reaching out to more companies in Cambridge to be in compliance with the state law. Through strengthening private-public initiatives, I want to help eliminate the gender wage gap and remove barriers to women’s advancement.


Domestic violence and sexual assault

There are approximately 1000 domestic violence cases every year and the number is increasing. While the issue is one that hides in the shadows of private life, it is one that is very serious within the community. I support the work of the Cambridge Women’s Center and hope to collaborate in the future to prevent domestic violence from occurring and to aid those who are currently dealing with abuse. I also aim to provide emergency shelter beds for domestic violence survivors and introduce free sexual violence education in more schools and youth settings. Additionally, I want to put together task forces of different entities (local NGOs, government agencies, etc.) to work case-by-case.

Domestic violence and sexual assault are issues that affect all gender identities and I will fight towards combating these forms of abuse from all angles. The Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Prevention Initiative (DGBVPI) currently provides services, such as training and consultation. Cambridge has offered nine sessions of City-Wide Domestic Violence Training. With 45 people attending, capacity was exceeded and 20 people were turned away; there is need to offer more opportunities for training.


Mental health

In addition to affordable housing units and early education programs, mental health counseling services also have long waitlists. Various agencies in Cambridge that provide mental health services are unable to provide immediate service due to high demand. Furthermore, the lack of mental health professionals trained in trauma-informed care also detriment other services for domestic and gender-based violence. In order to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health, I would like to expand services, inform residents of existing resources, and train culturally competent service providers.