Nadya Okamoto 

Nadya Okamoto is a social entrepreneur, community organizer, activist, and student. She has devoted her efforts to engaging and empowering others, especially young leaders, to engage in service and advocacy. She has primarily focused on fighting for equitable access to menstrual hygiene, and breaking down the stigma around menstruation on a global scale. As the Founder and Executive Director of PERIOD, Nadya is a leading voice in the women's and youth empowerment movement right now. She speaks out against sexual assault and systematic discrimination. Nadya is unafraid to share her own story of facing adversity and is motivated to encourage others to also share their stories to create healthy, healing dialogue. 

Nadya moved to Cambridge from Portland, Oregon to begin her college education at Harvard College. She has since continued her work in "The Menstrual Movement," affecting thousands of women all over the world and inspiring even more. Nadya has also recently founded E Pluribus, a media platform engaging young people in politics to publish actionable and shareable content.

Nadya brings revitalizing energy, new perspectives, and the utmost respect and compassion for our community. She is committed to pushing forward progress towards equity and sustainability. 

Claira Janover, Campaign Director


Claira Janover was raised by a single mother in New Haven, CT. She is now a student at Harvard College studying History and Government. Claira has worked for multiple municipal and state elections with the Connecticut Democrats, as well as other grassroots campaigns such as Environment Connecticut. Claira’s interests involve advocating for the rights and equality of women, increasing the educational opportunities available for students of all backgrounds, and encouraging diversity in all walks of life. Claira’s city background allows her to envision Cambridge as a city that allows its youth to reach its full potential both in and out of the classroom, ensures the affordability for its residents, and protects the culture and history of the town.

Kumail Headshot.JPG

Kumail ali, Fall Assistant campaign director

Kumail Ali is the son of Pakistani immigrants. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and later resided in Baltimore, MD. His interest in Public Policy derives from his passion for youth engagement and minority involvement in our local and national government. Having come from a close knit-immigrant community he knew that many individuals would shy away from politics as they felt as if their voice is going unnoticed. Though given his passion and work experience, Kumail knew first-hand the importance of youth and minority involvement as we are shaping to be the next leaders of our communities on both a local and national level. Having previously worked on a national level, at an early age of 13, Kumail worked for the Obama Campaign in the 2012 re-election. Kumail has also worked for Jenifer Rajkumar for New York City Council and knows the significance of local elections in assuring affordable housing and efficient university relations.


Maureen Tang, policy Director

Maureen Tang was raised by a single immigrant mother in Chino Hills, California. She is currently a student at Harvard College, studying Government and Psychology. Maureen is on the Harvard Undergraduate Council and was a 4th grade civics teacher for the Institute of Politics. She has previously worked on city council campaigns and for U.S. Congressman Mark Takano of California's 41st District. Maureen is passionate about the environment and youth empowerment through education. Growing up in the thriving city of Chino Hills, she has witnessed the important roles that education and housing play in creating a safe, resourceful city full of opportunity.


Elmer vivas portillo, director of engagement

Elmer Vivas Portillo is the son of Salvadoran immigrants and is a lifelong Cambridge resident. He is currently a student at Harvard College studying Sociology and Latina/o Studies. His interests and passions lie in promoting education and socioeconomic equity, both locally and abroad. Elmer envisions Cambridge as a city where all residents have an equal opportunity of taking advantage of the rich resources offered in order to empower themselves, their community, and the city as a whole.

Scott Kall.JPG

Scott kall, harvard campus director

Scott Kall was born and raised in Massachusetts. He is currently a student at Harvard College, studying Sociology and Theater. Scott has always been interested in politics and advocacy, but had never really had the opportunity to get involved until he connected with Nadya last fall. Scott is a huge proponent of civic engagement on every level, and takes particular interest in youth engagement in politics - which is one of the reasons why Scott is so excited about this campaign! He loves connecting with students and people across the Cambridge community, and is eager to continue working on mobilizing the Harvard student body to get involved and vote!!

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aidan richards, crls campus director

Since freshman year of high school at CRLS, Aidan Richards (now a current junior) has been organizing in Cambridge. A member of a campaign finance group, and a leader of a local civics group, Aidan has long been involved in local politics. With Nadya's campaign, he hopes to engage his fellow high school students in the city; increasing awareness of local politics and issues.

Vivekae Kim

vivekae kim, deputy policy director

Vivekae Kim is the daughter of two Korean immigrants, raised in Chicago, Illinois.  She is currently a Harvard College student studying Government.  Vivekae’s experiences within a segregated Chicago and a financially struggling public school system have made her passionate about local political change, housing equity, education funding, and advocating for urban communities.


tajrean RAHMAN, harvard quad regional director

Tajrean Rahman is the daughter of two, incredibly brave immigrants from Bangladesh. As the eldest of four, she is a native of Brooklyn, NY and now, student at Harvard College studying in History and Science. For so long, politics had been daunting to Tajrean—something that left no spaces and considerations for people of her background, religion, and walk of life. But she hopes to change that perception by working with this campaign,  grassroots effort that pioneers the larger movement of forging a place for youth in politics. In her role as a Regional Director, Tajrean hopes to do justice in spreading awareness, raising support, and mobilizing students, for the Cambridge Community and beyond.

DSC_0821 copy.jpg

caleb ren, Harvard yard regional director

Caleb Ren, originally from Seattle, Washington, is a passionate defender of immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and environmental protection. The son of two immigrants, he now studies Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard College. Inspired by prominent immigrant figures in his local community, Caleb hopes to address issues pressing to people of all backgrounds like housing inequality and increasing backlash against people of color. Caleb is very excited to be working on Nadya’s campaign and promoting a cause he can stand behind!


taylor whitsell, harvard gotv director

Taylor Whitsell grew up in rural Danville, Kentucky, an environment in which his political views and positions were constantly challenged and sharpened. Over the years, he cultivated a passion for grassroots organizing and youth civic engagement through campaign work, voter registration, and spirited activism. Taylor currently studies Government and International Relations at Harvard College. He cares deeply about human rights in all facets of society and hopes to promote greater innovation and compassion in today’s political world.


conor bulkeley-krane, director of Outreach and multimedia partnerships

Conor Bulkeley-Krane is a political activist and artist at the University of Chicago, where he is pursuing a degree in Philosophy. Conor is deeply concerned in the inaction that plagues young people today. He strives to galvanize the young people of Cambridge to speak up and be heard. Outside of school and politics, he engages in sound art. He writes music, scores films, and performs at institutions ranging from the Tate Modern in London to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.


Eric cheng, summer field director

Eric Cheng is the son of two immigrant parents from China and was raised in Troy, Michigan. He is a student at Harvard College, where he plans on studying Psychology and Economics while pursuing medicine. Eric is ambitious and excited for the success of this campaign and the message that it promotes to young people around the country who want to serve their communities. He is an advocate for the acceptance and involvement of people from varying backgrounds and diversities and has a strong desire to work and communicate personally with individuals in Cambridge.


anisa ahmed, summer development director

Anisa Ahmed is the daughter of two immigrant parents from Somalia. Born in Ottawa, Canada, she has moved to various locations such as Ghana, Pakistan, and Jordan before settling in New Jersey. She is currently a student at Harvard College, where she plans to study Economics and English, with a Citation in Spanish. Her interests lie in promoting a platform that strives for socioeconomic and educational equality, and celebrates diversity. Anisa advocates for a clear pathway of communication between local government and the Cambridge community, and increased youth involvement in government. She is excited to work on a campaign that aims to empower and enhance the city of Cambridge by addressing crucial issues and advocating for its diverse residents.