Why vote nadya?

"Nadya is unlike any other candidate Cambridge City Council has ever encountered. Nadya's work in the past 5 years demonstrates her passion for empowering others and fighting for equity. Through non-profit management, grassroots organizing, and serving the needs of the most underprivileged in her community and around the world, Nadya's skills and experiences bring a new perspective and energy to the role of city councilor. Now, with the need for compassionate, progressive leaders in government more obvious than ever, Nadya is dedicated to serving the city of Cambridge and every single one of our residents."

-Maureen Tang, Policy Director



Setting a precedent

More than 32% of Cambridge's population is under 25 years-old and the median age of residents is 33 but the median age of city council voters is 58. My campaign pushes forward a precedent on the civic engagement of young people and stresses the importance of having representative democracy. As a young person, I can bring new perspectives, ideas, and community relations to the Council.


grassroots empowerment

At a young age, I became an activist leading social change initiatives. I am most known for founding PERIOD, a global nonprofit that provides menstrual hygiene products and celebrates menstruation through advocacy, education, and service. We are now the largest youth-run NGO in women’s health. To date, we have addressed over 110,000 periods and registered over 100 campus chapters at universities and high schools across the U.S. and abroad. I credit the organization's successful impact and continuous growth to my personal connection for the cause and the driving force of “my team.” I value the power of teamwork, and engaging the voices and passion of crowds, to strengthen social movements and catalyze progression.


follow through

When I commit to a role or mission, I give it my all. As you read through the platform, read it as a promise from me to you. As your potential representative, it is my responsibility to stay true to my word and follow through. My past track record of leading organizations, such as PERIOD and E Pluribus, show my commitment to exceeding all expectations in leadership positions and maximizing impact.


personal commitment to issueS

I feel very strongly about pushing forward progress around the issues that Cambridge faces because I am personally connected to many of them––most significantly housing instability, education inequity, and domestic abuse and violence. During my early years of high school, my family was displaced from our home because we could not afford it; it was through this time that I thought extensively about privilege as a spectrum. I serve because it is my way of reconciling the privileges that I do have, including having a supportive family and access to education.